What a Tweet Can Tell You

Imagine a tiny little sun, just bursting with heat and light, but trapped inside a hard metal cover with a few holes to let beams of energy stream out from inside. Now imagine there were millions of those little suns, maybe the size of basketballs or tennis balls, all rolling down an assembly line one after another, each with a unique pattern of holes and beams of light streaming out into the world.

That’s what Twitter is. Inside every unborn tweet you can find infinite potential – someone will be in a place, with social context and they will say something, anything, and give that potential a form. They will say something and it will be instantly available to anyone in the world who’s subscribed. Each tweet has more than 30 fields of metadata under the hood; the value populating each of those fields makes up the unique patterns of holes in the metal cover that lets the light out from inside. A company launched today that lets you control a robot that drills holes in the metal covers trapping the infinite potential of the sun inside.

via What a Tweet Can Tell You.

Waxing poetic about Datasift.  It is interesting just how much information they dredge up around a Tweet.


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