Just How Much is Too Much SEO?

Push the panic button! Google are going to start cracking down on sites with too much SEO, at least that’s what spokesman extraordinaire Matt Cutts claimed at the SXSW conference last week.

But hold on a minute, what constitutes too much SEO? Is there a maximum keyword density or number of inbound links? Is this the end of the line for optimisation as we know it? Of course not.

Cutts essentially explained that Google were looking to eradicate spammy techniques that have (apparently) long-since been outlawed but still manage to deliver results. As in any good horror film, just because something appears to be dead, it doesn’t mean that it can never return. Search Engine Optimisation is pretty much the same.

Chasing a keyword density of 10%+ probably should have died five years ago. In fact, as soon as PageRank became clever enough to determine authority based on link profiles, it ought to have gone the way of the floppy disk. Apparently, this is something that Matt Cutts identified as being one of the things that Google would now seek to punish.

About time too.

via Just How Much is Too Much SEO?.


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