The Most Valuable Lesson a B2B Marketer Will Ever Learn

All B2B Marketing is either about saving Time or Money:

As a journeyman marketing writer, my job is to simplify stuff. It often works like this:

I go into a meeting. My client invited a number of others because they really know the product and the market. These are experts.

After the handshakes, card swaps and small talk, I go into listen mode. My digital recorder is rolling. I’m writing. I might interject a question now and then. Usually, a slide deck is being used for support. Invariably, the client team comes up with a little list of stuff they need to email me because it’ll really shed some light on things. These meetings tend to take a good bit of time.

When the client’s done talking and I’m out of questions, they then say, “So what do you think Barry?” Pause. Scribble, scribble. Then, with my fingers crossed, I muster every bit of sincerity I can find and respond with something like, “It sounds like your product saves people time.”

via The Most Valuable Lesson a B2B Marketer Will Ever Learn.


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