Here’s What We Did to Triple Organic Traffic | Marketing Technology Blog

The last year has been one where we’ve been working tirelessly on clients… so much so that we’ve often ignored our own back yard. The Marketing Technology blog is a significant publication with a few thousand blog posts over ten years. We’ve migrated hosting, changed themes several times, modify our plugins all the time, and have had incredible ranking at times and poor ranking at others.

Quite honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to search because we had some good rankings and an avid audience that was subscribed by email, mobile app, podcast and even video. But we’ve been working on the site tirelessly the last few months to prepare for an upcoming design change, we couldn’t help notice that the changes we’ve been making have had an enormous impact on the site’s ranking across several thousand keyword combinations – many very competitive.

We did not systematically optimize the site and monitor rankings, so I couldn’t tell you what combinations or single thing had the most impact. I can only tell you that after doing all of these things, our ranking has skyrocketed. I’m quite sure some of them didn’t make a difference, but I can’t say it with statistical certainty. So – I’ll share the changes in the order that I believe made the most difference.

via Here’s What We Did to Triple Organic Traffic | Marketing Technology Blog.


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