8 Mistakes That Could Be Absolutely Destroying Your Checkout Process

It kills me when I see a great website, a great product, and a great company completely fail in one point — the checkout process.

Marketers love to moan and complain about shopping cart abandonment rates. Yeah it hurts, especially since a full 68% of your customers will end up abandoning. But the sad thing is, we often bring it upon ourselves by having a crappy checkout process.

I’ll be the first to tell you that designing a streamlined checkout process isn’t easy. It requires a lot of clever coding, APIs, integration, architecture, and forethought. But it’s essential if you want to make sales and reduce abandonment. You must optimize your checkout process for conversions.

So, let’s talk about what those big mistakes are, and how you can avoid them.

via 8 Mistakes That Could Be Absolutely Destroying Your Checkout Process.

(BW:  Modified CNCCookbook’s checkout process to bring it in compliance with all 8.  This stuff really works!)


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