Ecommerce Email Marketing: 13 Ways to Make More Sales

Here’s the fact: there’s a lot more to ecommerce email marketing than cart retrieval emails and winback campaigns.

Sure, winback and cart retrieval are great tactics. Studies have shown that half of those who abandon their carts will return to buy within the first 24 hours of leaving your site. A triggered email sent within, say, an hour of a user abandoning their cart is a great and rather simple way to increase your conversion rate.

But what else can you do as an ecommerce store to squeeze more out of email marketing?

Given the small real estate (screen sizes) of mobile devices, is email marketing even relevant to today’s shoppers?

The Harvard Business Review thinks email marketing is still king. Not convinced email rocks? Check out these numbers:

Email is 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter

66% of marketers rate email’s ROI as excellent or good while grading social media’s ROI at just 41%

Companies that use email marketing see anywhere from 94 to 139% return

It’s time to up your email game. So here are 13 ways to optimize your email marketing so you can boost your revenue per customer and your store’s conversion rate.

via Ecommerce Email Marketing: 13 Ways to Make More Sales.


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