Why you need to obsess about content saturation

Recently I wrote a post stating that the most important word in marketing is “maneuver.” Defining exactly where you have an opportunity to maneuver in a competitive marketplace more or less dictates your strategy, and when it comes to content marketing, information density is the primary consideration in maneuverability.

The only sustainable long-term content strategy is to find an unsaturated niche and overwhelm the web with so much quality content that search engines discover only you (or mostly you). The strategy is this simple:

Find an unsaturated niche.

Consistently produce a volume of quality, helpful material aimed at a relevant audience (or persona).

Never stop producing content so Google sees fresh results over time and the authority of your site grows.

Dominating a niche early has extremely important long-term value because the search engines will continue to recognize and reward the authority your website accrues for a long time. To help my customers determine the information density of their market, we run an analysis that defines a niche as low, moderate, high, or complete content saturation. This provides guidance as to where you can best maneuver to create competitive advantage with your content.

via Why you need to obsess about content saturation.


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