How to Engage and Convert More Visitors in the First Critical 20 Seconds

Bad news. Your website visitors are often very fickle creatures. They judge your whole website often within just a few seconds of arriving on your homepage – just like they do for a book by its cover.

And worst still, many of them aren’t happy with what they see – average webpage bounce rates hover between 40-50% (according to Google Analytics benchmarks), meaning nearly half of your visitors may leave immediately.

And according to a recent study by Bounce Exchange, 70-96% of those unsatisfied visitors will never come back.

This all means the first 20 seconds are ESSENTIAL when it comes to visitors sticking around and converting. A/B testing and improving their initial impressions and experience on top entry pages is the best way to do this.

To summarize what you need to do optimize your visitors initial 20 seconds, here are the 3 key steps:

Improve their first impressions of key visual elements

Engage and spike their curiosity enough to make them stay

Give them good info/choices to make steps towards eventually ‘converting’

Before you jump in and start creating tests and making improvements to your key entry pages, it’s vital you discover exactly how your top 10 or 20 entry pages are performing, particularly for bounce rate. This helps you know what needs improving first, and creates a benchmark for you to improve against. So go ahead and pull that report right now – it’s often very enlightening.

via How to Engage and Convert More Visitors in the First Critical 20 Seconds.


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