How To Increase Conversions By Forgetting The CTA

Your target customer has zero interest in your CTA. He/she doesn’t particularly care about the call, the signup, or even the purchase. He/she isn’t really concerned about whether your CTA copy matches the value proposition. Your target customer is uninterested in your conversion optimization efforts. You know this. Why am I telling you anyway? I was recently reading a great article on this topic, and I want to expound on it for the readers here at Crazy Egg, because it’s too easy for us to get pigeonholed into one way of thinking. When we talk about increasing a page’s conversion rate, we are focused on a single point of action. The entirety of our focus is moving that target customer to take a specified action at a specified time in a specified place. This is ALL we are thinking about, and yet, it’s 100% irrelevant to our page’s viewers.

Source: How To Increase Conversions By Forgetting The CTA


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