Demystifying SEO: How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup

Good writers always write for their visitors, not for search engines. Actually, that’s not quite true… At the dawn of SEO, you did have to write for the search engines. The primitive search engines could only evaluate the relevance of your content to the query by the number of times the searched keyword was mentioned in the content. By simply including the keyword as many times as possible, you’d rank well. Obviously, search engines have evolved since then. With Google’s updates in the past few years, it’s become clear that keyword stuffing no longer helps you rank (in fact, it hurts you). Now, Google looks at several on-page factors to determine a page’s relevancy. The new advice for content writers is: write for your visitors, and let Google worry about the rest. It’s not bad advice. In fact, that’s what the writer should do. However, SEOs can, and often should, optimize that content further. Even if you write all your content yourself, you need to play the parts of both the writer and the SEO. How can you optimize your content further? One main way, that is heavily underutilized, is through microdata.

Source: Demystifying SEO: How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup


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