A/B Test Mining: 4 Places to Find Meaningful Test Ideas

It can be hard to figure out why customers buy from a website and what turns them off. Did they buy because your buyer path through your website was done well, and they were ready to click the Buy button? Or were they turned off by something simple like your font choice because it was hard to read on their smart phone? To find out the answer, you’ll need to create some A/B tests for your website. But not superficial ones that look only at the efficiency of a font or button text. We’re talking about some seriously meaningful A/B tests that dig deeper into your visitors’ and customers’ motivations, likes, and wants. Only then will you gain the right insight about your website and be able to make the changes that’ll increase conversions for you. So, where do you find the solid rationale or hypothesis that’ll be the foundation for these A/B tests? Let’s take a look at some of the undiscovered sources of data that can help you create meaningful A/B tests.

Source: A/B Test Mining: 4 Places to Find Meaningful Test Ideas


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