17 ways to personalize ecommerce for four types of customer | Econsultancy

Back in 2013, our Realities of Personalisation report found that 98% of respondents saw personalisation as critical to success. Fast forward to 2015 and Econsultancy’s latest Conversion Rate Optimisation report, in association with RedEye, and only 22% of respondents said they had implemented website personalisation. Every company has its own explanation for this lag, but broadly we can sum up the problem as one of infrastructure and therefore cost. Historically, website personalisation has been more difficult to implement than some other software-as-a-service (36% viewed it as very difficult to implement in our 2015 CRO study). Whatever the current adoption of personalisation, what kind of experience can personalisation engender? Simon Peirson from Barilliance (featured in our Website Personalisation Buyers Guide) spoke at the Festival of Marketing about creating these personalised experiences for four main shopper types. Here are some of the tactics he laid out.

Source: 17 ways to personalize ecommerce for four types of customer | Econsultancy


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