How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Using Social Media

When it comes time to promote your blog post, I recommend doing everything in your power to do so. Share it, tweet it, promote it, like it, talk about it, comment about it, and put it on every social network you possibly can. At the same time, we can’t rely on social media as the primary distribution channel. Why not? First of all, not all of your target audience is on social media. You may not connect with the right people using social media. The effectiveness of social media comes and goes. Take Facebook’s Reachpocalypse, for example. We have no way of knowing for certain if a social media channel will continue to drive traffic to our blog. There are vastly more potential users who are not on social media than those who are. You need to find them and connect with them. If you are a content marketer, growth hacker, or blogger, it’s important to dominate every technique in your power to grow your blog traffic. Social media gurus can devise their plans to drive traffic, but you must know the techniques at your disposal. To be clear, I highly recommend that you use social media to its maximum potential when promoting your blog post and increasing traffic to your content. However, I caution you against depending on your social media reach. By using alternative forms of content promotion, you can gain a huge advantage over the competition. Instead of trying to gain clicks, views, conversions, and engagements from a narrow slice of the population, you’re able to maximize huge amounts of traffic from new sources. I’m going to share only those techniques that will drive floods of traffic to your blog without ever logging into Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.

Source: How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Using Social Media


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