When It Comes to Email Deliverability, Less Is More

A few weeks ago, HubSpot deliberately unsubscribed 250,000 people from its marketing blog and reduced its list from 550,000 to 300,000. Crazy, huh? As you can imagine, we had a lot of anxiety about this test (but forced ourselves to go through with it, anyway).As it turns out, the decision was a good one. What we found was that ‘trimming the fluff’ improved engagement. Not to mention, we tackled our big ‘graymail’ problem: because HubSpot was sending more than four emails to certain segments per day (and who has time to read that many emails from one company these days?).Digital media is unchartered territory, and HubSpot had reached an inflection point that few companies are fortunate enough to experience: our audience grew so big that it was actually time to trim down and laser-focus on a core subset. But we didn’t want to jeopardize our web traffic by trimming down our list either.Long story short: we didn’t lose any web traffic, and we actually improved the quality of our responses from customers, too. It’s a powerful lesson for our company–that less email marketing yields an overall net positive outcome. Here’s how this perspective applies to the world of digital media.

Source: When It Comes to Email Deliverability, Less Is More


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