The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing has become a key part of the web marketing strategy in most companies.Today’s consumers are more informed and more accessible than ever before. Our interactions with potential buyers happen at a number of different stages in their journey, and for that reason, we need to interact with them according to their individual stage.We build lead nurturing into a marketing strategy because we want to develop relationships with buyers, no matter which stage they’re at. We can nurture leads in a number of different ways, and need to understand our buyers so that we can engage with them in a valuable way.Quite often we split leads up between two categories: cold and warm. To keep a lead warm, you have to nurture that relationship, and keep them engaged. You don’t just knock on someone’s door and start a conversation, only to turn around and just leave someone hanging (and wondering what just happened).The same goes for your online visitors. If they visit your site and submit their contact information to you, you’ll want to make them feel welcome. One of the best ways to keep your online visitors engaged and interested is through automating these greetings and setting up an “autoresponder” series of emails. This keeps the conversation with them fresh and interesting.

Source: The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Nurturing Emails


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