Trello’s Michael Pryor on building a mass-market product – Inside Intercom

Michael is the CEO at Trello, the beloved visual collaboration tool that now has more than 16 million users. Trello was born out of Fog Creek Software, a company Michael co-founded with engineer and writer Joel Spolsky, which brought us name-brand developer tools like FogBugz, Stack Overflow and most recently, HyperDev.I recently caught up with Michael about what it’s like to start and scale a mass-market product like Trello. We cover the ways Fog Creek’s previous products informed Trello, how to prioritize features for a product with such a wide array of use cases, the importance of pricing for value, and much more.If you like what you hear, check out more episodes of our podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher, or grab the RSS feed.What follows is a lightly edited transcript of the episode. Short on time? Here are five key takeaways:Without the right marketing strategy, the right product released at the right time can still fail.Introducing new, abstract features into a horizontal software product comes with heavy costs, because you’ll have to teach users about the concept.Michael doesn’t see templates as the right onboarding technique for new Trello users. Rather, he’s planning to bet on crowd-sourced, community-driven use case stories.Marketing a horizontal product is hard, but there are specific use cases that offer downstream benefits, e.g. targeting HR to use Trello for onboarding new employees means every single hire gets a free lesson in Trello.It’s crucial to charge for your product, but flat rates leave a lot on the table. Your pricing scale should align with the value you give users.

Source: Trello’s Michael Pryor on building a mass-market product – Inside Intercom

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