9 Customer Success Emails Your SaaS Needs to Be Sending

Take a moment and think back to the last SaaS app you signed up for.Do you remember any emails you received post-signup?More importantly, do you recall logging in and taking action on the content of those emails?If the answer is yes, consider yourself in the minority, and congratulations for picking a SaaS app that clearly knows a thing or two about customer success. Go you!The sad truth is, most SaaS startups obsess over customer acquisition, but then cripple their growth by not sending the right retention emails, post-signup.When I reached out to Sujan Patel, a serial SaaS entrepreneur and co-founder of WebProfits, he agreed:Most SaaS companies don’t send nearly enough email after users sign up. I’ve co-founded three SaaS startups, and in each them, email marketing has been a huge driver in driving new trials and increasing trial to paid conversion rate.If you’re not emailing people to help them get value out of your product, that’s your low-hanging fruit to boost your MRR.In this guide, I’m going to give you 9 proven, copy-and-paste Customer Success emails for SaaS. These emails will maximize retention, boost trial-to-paid conversion, and slash churn.The Account Rescue EmailThe Value Bomb EmailThe Helping Hand EmailThe “We Built This for You” EmailThe Anniversary EmailThe “Keep Going” EmailThe Delinquent EmailThe Upgrade Incentive EmailThe Trial Reactivation EmailHeads up: We created fill-in-the-blank templates for all nine emails. All you have to do is…

Source: 9 Customer Success Emails Your SaaS Needs to Be Sending


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