Strategic Timing Tips for Resend Campaigns | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

This is the second of a 2-part series on resending campaigns. If you missed part 1, you can check out our data on open rates, subject lines, and From name.The last time we looked at resend campaigns, we saw that simply resending a campaign to subscribers who didn’t open the first time is a great idea. You can increase the percent of your list who opened by 8.7 percentage points. That’s enough to turn a good open rate into a great open rate, but there are definitely factors that can make some resends more successful than others.We analyzed 1,300 campaigns and their corresponding resend campaigns to see if we could find what factors make resend campaigns successful. The first question I want to answer today is: How long should you wait to resend a campaign?Note: These charts don’t show the engagement rates of the resend campaign. Instead, they show additional metrics from the resend campaign as if they were added to the engagement metrics from the original campaign. We liked this measurement because it demonstrates the real impact of the resend campaign on what matters: the number of subscribers who interact with your email.

Source: Strategic Timing Tips for Resend Campaigns | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

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