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When it comes to email marketing, there is one very important thing to keep in mind; Your contacts either get busy living, or get busy dying.It might sound counter-intuitive, but removing subscribers who got busy dying is one of the best things you can do to optimize your sales automation and email marketing efforts.It’s pretty simple and quick to set up an automated pruning system that does this for you. Create an automation that will automatically delete contacts after a specified time period without activity. It depends on your purchase cycle, but I like 45 days. You could also use the “Engagement Tagging” automation recipes to identify various stages of engagement:For example, if a contact hasn’t taken an action in that time period, cut ‘em. If you are working with our CRM to create deals, then after 14 days, mark the deal as lost.So many people are hesitant to do this. It sounds extreme. “Why would you delete contacts you invested so much time and money into acquiring? Worst case scenario, won’t they just unsubscribe? Maybe they’ll end up converting later, when they’re ready?”This line of thinking is tempting and it seems safe, but I’d argue keeping these contacts around is actually harming your marketing and sales processes. By pruning your contacts you actually give yourself chance the best chance of succeeding with the contacts who are likely to convert.Here are three reasons why…

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